Update on organising your Website

Thank you to the students who are helping others with their sites. This is a most important part of the process.

By now you should have done the following

  1. Proposed a person from the world of Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering (If you are one of the nine who has not done this, scroll down the page to the last posting).
  2. Created a WordPress site with a Name and Tagline relevant to your chosen person
  3. Created (customised)  a header – if you draw / photo / mash-up your own header you will get extra credit!
  4. Created a first-post with five short sentences that introduces your chosen person
  5. Created a Page in WordPress ( you will see examples at the top of this site about Ava Lovelace
  6. Created three links in WordPress.

Next week you will

  1. Tidy up your site interface using the “widgets” editor
  2. Insert an image
  3. Examine some basic HTML – Hypertext Markup Language and embed some HTML into your site


Search for proposed person on Twitter and on YouTube – see if you can find anything interesting. I will be setting up a class Twitter feed for this project.